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Whatever your age, if you have assets it’s crucial that you have a will.

Why make a will?
A valid will is the only way to ensure that your property, personal possessions and money or investments (often referred to as your ‘estate’) go to the right people or organisations.

A will provides peace of mind that your loved ones will be looked after when you are no longer here. It’s never easy to think about passing away, particularly if you have children. Yet doing so without a will in place can cause confusion, disputes and arguments amongst bereaved family and friends. In addition, your assets may not pass to those who you would want them to and who you may assume they will go to. And for those with young children, not having a Will with a clause appointing guardians may, in some circumstances, mean that the courts could grant guardianship to someone previously not known to your children.

At Kirbys Solicitors, we can answer your questions and offer you the right advice to make sure your needs are met, and your will is completed correctly.

Understanding your will: what must be considered?
A will completed by a practising solicitor will be done professionally, carefully and with your best interests at heart. It will be handled sensitively and carefully to represent your needs correctly and legally.

At Kirbys Solicitors, we’ll take time to listen to your wishes and make sure they’re met within your will. These ensure your chosen beneficiary receives the property and possessions you choose, as well as determining your choice of burial or cremation, or other special wishes.

Lasting Powers of Attorney: why do you need a document in place?
In an uncertain world, it’s reassuring to know that your wishes will be respected even if you’re not able to make your own decisions. Creating a lasting power of attorney (LPA) ensures decisions can be made by someone you trust if you are unable to do so yourself.

At Kirbys Solicitors, we can ensure that everything will be managed exactly according to your needs. There are two types of LPA and we will advise you of the right options for you. We’ll make sure your attorney is chosen carefully, and your documents are prepared and registered properly.

Making your will or LPA: what should you do next?
Naturally, wills and LPAs need to be addressed while you’re still able to make decisions for yourself. Therefore, time and content are both sensitive matters.

Talk to us and you can trust we’ll take care of your wills and LPAs in complete confidentiality. You’ll also benefit from an efficient, thorough and accurate approach, essential if a swift resolution is needed - providing complete peace of mind.

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